Top 5 Best Buddha Statues (Home Decor) – 2018

Are you interested in purchasing a Buddha statue? There are so many different types of Buddha statues to choose from. There is the classic fat Buddhas or statues with just the head or his whole body. We have selected our favorite Buddha statues in our list below!

Grasslands Road Happy Praying Buddha Statue

Grasslands Road Happy Praying Buddha Statue is sure to inspire happiness in your home and garden. The big belly Buddha figurine is in a sitting position with his hands together in prayer represents the belief that people can find peace and contentment along with wealth and prosperity in living simply. Makes a wonderful inspirational gift for all occasions.

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NOVICA Hand Carved Natural Acacia Wood Buddha Sculpture

Buddha laughs out loud in a beautiful and realistic acacia wood sculpture from Eka. The laughing Buddha stands for prosperity, happiness and longevity; many Balinese people believe that rubbing his belly will bring good luck and fortune.

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Hand Carved Wood Sitting Buddha Statue

Serene and calming, made of lightweight natural Kadam wood, this Buddha statue is hand carved in India. Measuring 4 inches wide and 6 inches high, this Buddha statue is available in natural shade and has artistic carved details on all sides.

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Tibet Buddha Statue Golden Brown

The Buddha is draped in an antique brown robe falling gracefully about his crossed legs. Both hands are placed on the lap, right hand on left with fingers fully stretched and the palms facing upwards. This is the characteristic gesture of Buddha Shakyamuni, Dhyani Buddha Amitaba and the Medicine Buddhas.

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Medicine Buddha Meditating Blue Statue for Peace and Relaxation

The Medicine Buddha, or Bhaisajyaguru, is the Buddha of Healing. Meditating on the Medicine Buddha is considered to be a powerful method for increasing healing powers, allowing practitioners to alleviate their own sufferings as well as those of others.

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